Search Engine Optimization Training

The SEO Classes provides every student an overall SEO Knowledge through practical assignments. The course has been designed in such a way that its every step helps students to derive satisfaction and better career life. Search Engine Optimization is always a fresh and dynamic field because it involves every single day.

If you have a quest of learning and executing internet based marketing solutions, then our SEO course in Nagpur will lead you in the right direction making you financially independent immediately after you complete it. Our SEO Training program is meant to provide you long term gains in a shorter time period. With 3 months of focused training and greater emphasis on practical skills, you will be ready to face the challenges of the online world.

Behind every successful online marketing campaign, there is a search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization, popularly called SEO, plays a huge role in driving targeted traffic to the website. Link building, meta tags, keyword research are some of the many aspects of SEO. You need to know all of them to implement your online marketing strategy.

Clear Idea about Web Technologies:

  Client server technology.
   Internet Fundamentals
  Search Engines
  Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Concentrating on Content :

  Websites - blogs - articles.
  Creating Killer Content
  Best use of page elements.
  Keyword Analysis

  Video, slideshow & document creation.
  Elements of style
  Video, slideshow & document creation
  Elements of style

Navigation and Usability :

  Site navigation
  Improving User Experience
  Information Architecture

SEO Terminologies :

  PR and other Ranking benchmarks
  Types of SEO practices

On-Page Optimization :

  HTML basics
  CSS basics
  Meta Tags usage
  Using Javascript to our Advantage
  Graphics Optimization
  Contextual interlinking
  Micro formats & schemas
  Improving demographic score

Off-Page Optimization :

  Linking Strategies
  Competitor Analysis
  PR Sculpting
  Link Baiting
  Professional Article Exchange
  Social Book Marking and Promotions
  Directory submissionsv

Traffic Analysis :

  Using Google Analytics Tracking and improving conversions, Analizing visitor flow
  Conversion rate optimization

Misc Tools and Practices :

  Image and video optimization
  Optimizing site using javascript,flash,frames and CSS.
  Optimizing animated and flash movies
  How to use Canonical URLS
  Paid Ad submissions
  Using Do follow and no follow tags

Common SEO Mistakes :

  Keyword stuffing
  Doorway pages and Hidden text.
  Duplicate content.
  Link Spamming
  Targeting wrong keywords

Latest Google Algorithms :

  Google Panda
  Google Penguin.
  Google Hummingbird.
  How to overcome from Google Penalties.