Samyak Bahuudeshiya Sanstha


Samyak Bahuudeshiya Sanstha is a Non-Government organization, Not for Profit and Non-Political, Secular organization working with the communities, on their basic rights and providing the essential services through addressing issues like Water Harvesting, Tree Plantation, Education,Andhashradha Nirmoolan.

Samyak Bahuudeshiya Sanstha's thrust is on the guiding principles of the Constitution of India,which emphasizes on equal and just society. Samyak Bahuudeshiya Sanstha has been working on the issues of Tree Plantation, Water Harvesting, Education, AndhaShrdha Nirmoolan since 2020.

The work of Samyak Bahuudeshiya Sanstha though started even earlier than 2020 in Nagpur city. Starting just with a community- based organization (CBO) the Samyak Bahuudeshiya Sanstha had progressed through its work for evolving as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Throughout our past 3 years, Samyak Bahuudeshiya Sanstha has been working on the issues related to Harvesting, plantation, and education, etc.

During the journey of the past 3 years,Samyak Bahuudeshiya Sanstha has been able to touch more than 1000 individuals life for enhancing their quality of life through various interventions of the organization.

Get Involved

Our Foundation establishes partnerships and builds networks with peoples and our prime objective is to connect peoples as a individual or corporate partnerships & volunteers.

Make donations

Your donation will add to the fund that runs child education, Planting trees & Water Harvesting. join us in our efforts to put Every Child in School by donatating us.

Help & support

With your help & support, we can end the global education crisis and unleash the potential of the next generation.You can help a child escape from the bonds of poverty.

our programs

Our Sanstha will provide Education to students & we provide events on Water Harvesting, Tree Plantation & Andhashrda Nirmoolan